Upcoming Performances

Saturday 18 May 2024


St Martin’s Church, Church Street, Epsom KT17 4PX

Brahms Requiem

  • Conducted by Andrew Storey
  • Featuring the Kent Sinfonia
  • Soprano – Eleanor Pennell-Briggs
  • Baritone – Daniel Tate

Our May concert features the magnificent Requiem by Brahms – perhaps the most unique of all Requiems. As Brahms himself said, it is less a Requiem for the dead than one intended to comfort the living; less a work of religion than a work of humanity. The Requiem emerged from a decade of turmoil in the composer’s life, including the death of his great friend, Robert Schumann in 1856 and of his mother in 1865. But, like all great works of art, it has transcended its origins, and has become one of the greatest choral works ever written.

Brahms was a deep, serious man, who was also extremely shy. All his emotions were expressed through his music; and this Requiem is one of the most beautifully expressed and personal of all his compositions. Musically, its carefully balanced architecture is matched by an equally firm musical structure. The Requiem unfolds as a gentle, lyrical expression of consolation, through rich melody, untroubled sweetness and beauty, into episodes of monumental power. Brahms’ Requiem will leave you feeling comforted, uplifted and on top of the world.

This choral performance of the Requiem will be accompanied by Brahms’ Tragic Overture,  a free-standing symphonic movement for orchestra, performed this evening by the Kent Sinfonia.

Tickets £18 in advance (plus £1.40 booking fee)
Under 25s £9 (plus £0.70 booking fee)
£20 on the door, subject to availability
Tickets include Programme

29 MAY 2024

Approximately 60 members of the choir will be touring Umbria in Italy for four nights’ performances.

Details tbc.

Saturday 22 June


Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall

Celebrating 100 Years

Come and join us as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, with a thirty-minute programme of music performed at our beloved rehearsal venue. This will be part of an afternoon of performances by various local groups. 

Free Entry

Saturday 21 September

10am – 12 noon

Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall

Come and Sing Fauré’s Requiem!

Join us for this fun, free, two-hour morning event open to all, as we celebrate again the 100th anniversary of our regular rehearsal venue – the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall.

Free Entry

Saturday 9 November


St Martin’s Church, Church Street, Epsom KT17 4PX

Fauré’s Requiem & Haydn’s Nelson Mass

Perhaps the most gentle and consoling of all Requiems, Gabriel Fauré achieved some of his most beautiful melodies in  this popular choral work. Fauré himself described his Requiem as “a lullaby of death,” and it was almost certainly inspired by the death of his parents in the 1880s. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Fauré had no clear religious beliefs and thus, in place of the sombre nature of many requiems that had gone before, Fauré’s is noted for its calm, serenity and peace. Here we find musical solace in a work that focuses not on the morbid, but on the supposedly restful and fear-free nature of death, brought to us with the most glorious, rich and soulful melodies.

Haydn’s Nelson Mass is one of the six masses written near the end of his life and it has been suggested to be his greatest single composition. Originally entitled ‘Mass for Troubled Times’, Haydn’s mighty choral work is now forever associated with Admiral Horatio Nelson’s victory over Napoleon. So, despite the menacing opening which leads into the dramatic depiction of danger and agitation, the prevailing mood of the Nelson Mass is one of triumphant victory and jubilation. Unlike Fauré, Haydn was a deeply religious man who once observed, ‘At the thought of God my heart leaps for joy, and I cannot help my music doing the same.’ One can’t help considering that the sparkling vitality of the Nelson Mass is the very epitome of that statement.

Remaining 2024/25 Season Dates (repertoire tbc)

  • 7th December 2024 (Carols for Charity)
  • 8th March 2025
  • 24th May 2025